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Monday, June 22, 2009

CC Radio II with 2-Meter Ham Band

This is the first company I've seen making a change from those 'old' TV audio frequencies built into their radios. Now that the changes have been made from analog to digital TV, it's a change I'm glad to see....

As a replacement to those TV frequencies, C.Crane Company has added the "2 meter ham band" to their CCRadio II. It's a great radio for listening to the AM radio bands (one of the very best) and now, with the 2 meter ham band included, it will be an excellent choice for emergency use.
I don't own one of these, and don't endorse them, but you've got to give them a hand for changing with the current times.

Smart idea.....


Unknown said...

If I lived somewhere there was any 2m FM activity I'd love one of those. But you have to wonder what ordinary folks who get one and have a listen to see what this "ham band" is all about will think when they hear what is transmitted over some of the repeaters.

Jspiker said...

I'm somewhat amazed that more 2M repeaters aren't used by "campers and hikers"...My entry into the hobby was JUST for that purpose because I solo hiked in VERY remote areas.

I even used a "portable packet station" ,which I carried in my day pack, on long treks. I was able to communicate with hams all over the world by using a "palm top computer" (PDA)and a TNC.

(I worked the MIR space station with it from a 360 degree hilltop).

But these days, other than the "weekly club nets" and emergency "Skywarn" nets...there's not much there.

I hope listners that use this new AM-FM radio (and prospective new hams) are lucky enough to tune in at these times.

John N8ZYA