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Thursday, September 17, 2009

VE3CWU R/C Contact

I worked another Canadia station (VE3CWU) a few days ago. I know a few R/C enthusiasts and have watched remote controlled planes, helicopters, and even a few speed boats powered by weed eater motors. But I've never seen a R/C controlled airplane this size.

I find the most interesting people on the HF bands.

As per his web site:

My other hobby, which I am very passionate about is flying radio controlled
model aircraft. Currently I fly Scale Aerobatics in aerobatic competition.
The airplane in this photo is an 40% scale model of a full scale EDGE 540
used in full scale aerobatic competition. I fly this plane is scale model
aerobatic competition. This aircraft has 10 foot wingspan and is powered by a
150cc twin boxer gasoline engine with electronic ignition. This photo was taken
at the Sun Valley flyers field on Phoenix Arizona.
73, Bob

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