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Friday, June 4, 2010

New Field Day Battery Source

For what it's worth...

Perhaps there will be a new "operating class" for this years "Field Day"? It seems the new "Hybrid's" on the market contain a 30 KW DC generator that can be tapped for power by using a DC to AC inverter ?

According to the article in this months issue of "Popular Communications Magazine" , some owners of these Hybrid vehicles use their "cars" for emergency generators when the power goes out in bad weather. They power their homes (lights and refrigerators) with them.

What a novel idea....

A tent, transporter, and air conditioner all built into one.

(written by Kirk Kleinschmidt (NT0Z)

I'm would you classify this mode on field day?
How should I sign....

N8ZYA / QRP Hybrid IMI

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