My Most Recent QSO's

Monday, May 16, 2011


Strange band conditions this evening but I managed to work Les (EA5AVL) near Madrid Spain. Very loud, although he was hearing me at 529. We actually took a minute to chat, as I listened to his 400 watts into a Quad antenna.

He congratulated me on my 5 watts and the indoor Isotron antenna.

I was very happy to hear my friend in New York (N2UGB) was able to work the slow freighter  (UR5FA/MM) near Brazil and get a good signal report. It seems the ship will around South America for a few more days. There might be a chance for me to work him again, before he gets out of range.

(If you can work him QRP to QRP, it's a real hoot!)  

I also worked two stations in the mid west today. One in Idaho (AB7VS) and the other (W5IQS) in Texas. Finished the evening working a Louisville Kentucky (AE4RV) but QRM shut me down. Sure wish I had bought those extra filters....


Paul PC4T said...

Hi John, you didn't work Dick? You do have amazing results with your indoor isotron antenna. 73 Paul

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul,

I can never figure out this antenna....When there's "nothing" on the band, I still work Florida, Texas, Nova Scotia, and sometimes Washington state. It seems 500-1000, or 2000 miles...and only those "exact" distances. Hihi.

Very rarely is there anything in between. hihi

Last night I heard Argentina but couldn't work them.