My Most Recent QSO's

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Shortwave Radio station WTWW in Lebanon, Tennessee is testing a 100,000 watt transmitter on the shortwave bands. Although I missed the original transmission on 9990 MHz and 5085 MHz., I've been listening to podcasts from the website which is here:  WTWW QSO Radio.

The program is called QSO Radio for a good reason.

The program highlights the Amateur Radio Hobby by featuring live "on the air" QSO's with ham operators and Ted Randall does an excellent job with the station.

I've added a link to the site on the right side of my blog. If you're a ham radio operator, you will love this station. I've been listening to the podcasts ever since I discovered it on the news site.

Please take the time to view the website and sign up for future e-mails. I will be looking forward to hearing a lot more of this station!


AB9NZ said...

John, this is a superb series of podcasts. I need to put it in my links too. Tnx fer sharing. very best regards, Tom AB9NZ

Jspiker said...

Hello Tom,

Yes...I think so too. I play the podcasts on the computer and use a FM transmitter to broadcast it all over the house.

I love the "conversations with Hams". It's a great feature.

Glad you like them....