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Sunday, March 18, 2012

KARC Hamfest Introduction

This weekend I sold  (and gave away) some of my old "two meter gear" while at the annual Kanawha Valley Amateur Radio Club  Hamfest.

I also saw and talked to some old friends whom I've not seen in years; and met for the first time, a few of the newer people I've recently talked to on the local club (KARC)  repeater.

It was very nice to spend time with all of them.

One local ham (KA8SYV) introduced himself when he noticed my "name tag" which had my call letters attached to it. As we conversed,
it quickly became apparent that we had a mutual friend and when he presented his 'card', it quickly "turned on the light bulb" in my mind.

I've seen it before.....

Let me explain: I consider many members of the "ham blogging community" to be my "personal friends", although I'll never "meet" them. Through their writing; we've shared many thoughts about, not only radio, but their lives in the cities and countries they live.

The connection with this card is from the blog of Dave Richards (AA7EE) in California. I've enjoyed his blog for several years. I have a link to it on the right side of this blog ----------------> 

A few months ago Dave (AA7EE) needed a WV QSO to complete his WAS QRP award. Frank (KA8SYV) graciously granted him the QSO , a few days earlier than myself.

The other connection is that he now owns Dave's previous Yeasu 817 rig.

Take a look at Dave's blog --------------> 

It will be interesting reading, and you will see this "great card" again along with a similar description of our contacts.

When it comes to radio, it's a small, small world.


VE9KK said...

Good afternoon John, yes it is a small world and it's great when we can bump into ham friends...even those we have never met but consider to be fiends with.

Jspiker said...

Absolutely....Thanks Mike.

Jspiker said...

(cut and pasted from e-mail)

Yes - definitely a small world John. I haven't met Frank, though we've had several spirited and interesting phone conversations. He's also a home-brewer and tinkerer, so there's always something to talk about.

Frank's card is unique. He came up with a good idea when he thought of that one.

Thanks for the blog mention too!



I used the ancient woodcut, from your previous blog post, in a video I did to Mind Garage's "Death Of A Salesman."

Methinks I'll go see if that is still online.


Jspiker said...

Wikipedia is a wonderful thing...