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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

SKCC Special Station

Last night was the July Straight Key Century Club event. I was able to work 5 different states in the two hour period. (actually 1 1/2 hours for me). I feel both good and bad about it because I didn't score higher as a QRP station.

The "big boys" were out in force with amps and beams. I worked Nebraska (K0LUW) and Louisiana (W5ZR) and even heard N6WK in California, but couldn't work him.

I learned a lot....

The "special station" (worth 35 points) was essential, and without it, scoring was a futile attempt.

My other three stations were in Illinois (K9PL), New Jersey (K2ZC), and Michigan (K8JD).

The SKCC events are one of the most enjoyable to me, because it's strictly "straight key" and I enjoy the "character" of each individual operator. I used my 100 year old "donated" key again.

Sure hope that "Special Station" is within shooting distance on the next event. Last night he was near Richmond, Va.

Here in the valley, he jumped right over top of me.


Dick said...

SKCC is a good group as it is nice to work another straight key or bug station. However I avoid all-power contests like the plague. The Flying Pig, QRP ARCI, and NAQCC events are much friendlier and laid-back. Guess I'm just not passionate enough for committed contesting.

Dick N2UGB

Jspiker said...

Yes....It's VERY difficult to compete with 500 watts and a beam. For me, it's especially difficult because I don't have extra "filters" on my rig.

I sometimes question my sanity when working these...., but like you say, it's a way to pick up more SKCC, FISTS, and NAQCC contacts.

It's much easier with a "strickly" QRP contest.

Last night, I added 4 "T" members and a "C" member...also new FISTS and NAQCC contacts to the log book.

I often find those strong stations spattering several KC's on each side of any frequency because of my filtering.

I've got to do something about the filtering in the future.

Dick said...

Yep, it's not just bad SSB audio splatter. Even our beloved CW isn't always "pure".

My only rigs are FT-817NDs with 500Hz filters dropped in. I also use an old Timewave DSP filter, now out of production. The Timewave can sometimes be found for sale on the classified ads. Guys with new rigs having DSP sometimes selling them at a fair price. The Timewave is a big help but not the answer to a prayer.