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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Storm Damage on the Other Side of the River

I rode across the river on the bicycle this morning to view the storm damage there. Although a little cumbersome on the uphill side, this spiral shaped pedestrian ramp is a lot of fun to ride down on the return trip. I needed the diversion from the heat and destruction of the last several days. The neighborhood streets there are lined with 100 year old Oak trees. There are severe storm warnings out again this evening. 

I hope my luck, and electricity holds out once again. 


Dick said...

Hi John. I am aware of the terrible storm that hit you folks but haven't watched enough TV news to get an idea of its' severity. Your photos illustrate how bad it really was.

Stay well.
73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

All the shots on the blog are within bicycle range of home. It's difficult to imagine how things must be in remote parts of the state.

VE9KK said...

Good morning John, those tree lined streets sure do look nice but when a storm hits like the one you had it can be trouble. One thing thats good is they are old and well grounded. Younger trees would had come down with less wind and caused more damage. I hope the storm (if it comes) is not as bad as the one that caused all the damage. Keep us updated and your pictures sure do tell the story.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

We were spared the bad weather last night. I was very thankful when the rumbling thunder and lightening bolts seemed to be a little North of us!

I love trees, especially when they're well kept; as these were. Unfortunately, even tho most were "wired" together, several came tumbling down. Most of those trees were planted in the early '20s.