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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Can you Work 20 Stations this Month?

The NAQCC Club has a neat game every month to encourage our members to make contacts on the HF bands. This month we encourage you to make 20 HF contacts while using your favorite "keys". Notice I used the term "keys" in the above sentence.... 

The specific rules for the event are listed HERE

 In addition to being a fun event, you will be eligible for a club certificate. 

For the certificate this month, the only requirement is that you use two different keys to make those contacts. I plan to use my straight key to make ten contacts and use my Iambic paddles to make the other ten contacts. 

Working twenty stations is very easy to do in a months time. I worked seven stations yesterday and will complete my first ten today. I plan to watch the DX cluster tomorrow and work my next ten stations in a few days time. 

Our monthly "challenges" are usually much more difficult to complete. Should you like the certificate this month, there will never be an easier way to get it. Let me forewarn you however, once you start these monthly games, they will become very addictive.  


Happy Days..... Task Completed !!  (3-4-16) 


Iambic Paddle: (all DX contacts) CO8LY HI8/N3SY S55DX S51WO CT1JOP T77C LZ138LO EA5AR PZ5W TK4LS 


AA4OO said...

I often switch between my Kent Hand Key (straight), my Bug and my paddle in the same QSO. Does that count as 3 for one QSO?

Jspiker said...

Make a total of 20 QSOs during the time period. Use one style of key for 10 of these QSOs and a different style of key for the other 10 QSOs. -- From the NAQCC web site. GL