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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jacksonville, Florida QSO

I've been off the air for a few weeks visiting relatives and friends in New York. I took the rig with me but just didn't get the free time for radio. (sometimes that's just the way it is).

I've missed CW and decided to set up and throw out the call again (7058 Mhz) this afternoon. (2030z)
On about the third CQ I heard a (?) but nothing more. On about the fifth CQ, I heard WA8OFU in Jacksonville, Florida. It was a very brief exchange at a quick pace.
I copied about 80% of it with QSB but we exchanged the basics.
Jack gave me a 559 report with his Ten Tec Omni and a Vertical antenna.

He is also a retired Navy Chief and FISTS member # 12112.

He was born in Weirton, WV. (the northern panhandle).

Jacksonville is about 550 miles from me....This means the rig is working.

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