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Friday, August 21, 2009

Morse Code Dit's and Dot's

There's an interesting article in the Sept issue of "Monitoring Times Magazine" next month. (I get an online edition and have already read the article). It's about Morse Code and who REALLY created the "code". It may surprise you because it's not Samuel Morse.

If you're a CW person, I think you will find it interesting....

I get the "electronic" edition and like it better than the paper one because of the "linking features" and the "word search". I keep the last six months on a memory stick and take them with me when traveling. It works great with my Eee-PC notebook.


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Jspiker, Can you provide a link for the article? Looks very interesting. 73, Paul PC4T

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul,

Sorry but the only way to read it is to purchase a copy when it hits the market. It's not online.

(you can google "Monoritng Times") for the link to the company site.

It's written by Gregory Smith (WB2PPQ) and Monitoring Times Magazine is published by:

Grove Enterprizes Inc.
7540 Highway 64 West
Brasstown, NC 28902-0098

Here's an e-mail address that might help.

He sez "Alfred Vail" created it but (due to legal agreements) didn't get credit for the work.

Dick said...

A reproduction of the "Vail" key was used by Morse in 1844. A reproduction is sold by the Kent Company in the UK. Very nice looking as a piece of art but suspect very cumbersome to manipulate. Google and you will find it on the company site. 73 es fb weekend de Dick

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hello Jspiker, OK, thanks for the information. 73, Paul PC4T

Scott Hedberg said...

Although Alfred Vail was slighted on his contributions to CW, the Army named a camp after him - Camp Vail. It became a major Army Signal Corps training installation after WWI. Today it is now known as Ft. Monmouth.