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Friday, February 11, 2011

Adjuntas, Puerto Rico

I worked another station in Puerto Rico this afternoon. Although I'm able to work Florida quite easily, it's unusual when I bounce a southern signal this distance. This afternoon was only the second time I've worked Puerto Rico and I was surprised at my 559 report. Alberto (WP4L) is in the central part of this territory, in an area know for it's ecology. Being in the mountains, this town is one of the coolest in Puerto Rico with an average temperature of 72 degrees.

There are large copper and gold deposits here, but the people decided the environmental damage was too great to allow heavy mining. That's just the opposite of our state where we blow off the tops of the mountains and shove them into our streams. I admire their values....

My Southern Caribbean contacts now stand at 6YIV (Jamaica), K4DKE (Puerto Rico), CO8LY (Cuba), CO6LC (Cuba) and now WP4L in Puerto Rico. I like that part of the world because the people are so resourceful and resilient. I admire simplicity and keeping life as un-complicated as possible.

Alberto's QSL card displays some very nice "paddles" but this afternoon he was using a straight key. He is SKCC member # 7568 and we exchanged club numbers.

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