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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Limoges France Contact

Today, I spent the entire afternoon riding around town on the bike. My daughter and grandkids live only 10 miles from here, so I was able to drop in and observe a large Monopoly game. I made it back home, and into the radio room, at about 4 PM local time. After doing a few chores, I turned on the radio, and couldn't believe my ears when I heard a strong F6 station on 20 meters.

I guess when the solar flux reaches 107....anything in possible on the bands. Bert (F6HKA) was blasting American "east coast" stations one after another, and another, and another. He actually lives in the town of Couerassas, which is close to the transportation center in Limoge. There's a large train station there and the famous painter Renoir was born in this area. Bert was 4,084 miles from me and after only 5 attempts, I was able to work him. This made me feel "really good" because of the competition.

He was sending out his signals in the SKCC WES Contest and really "rocking the doors" with his straight key. I was astounded when he came back to me with my name and his SKCC# 6069 T. He send my RST as 559. His signal was 599 with very little fading. He thanked me for the new SKCC number and wished me good luck in the contest.

The solar forecasts predict a "black out" on the way but I'm glad it hasn't arrived yet. I've worked a French stations before but never heard one so clearly as him today. My only other French contact has been F6HFX in Labouheyre.

Today makes my 37th DX contact with my QRP station. 


Larry W2LJ said...

Way to go, John! Yes. the bands were nice today. I heard Paraguay boom into NJ on 15 Meters - but he faded out as quickly as he disappeared. Too bad as Paraguay would have been a new one for QRP.

72 de Larry

recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Great Job John. I caught Bert this afternoon also on 20m during the sprint. But the big news is your making a solid connection with 5 watts. Well done.

I was still making contacts into Nevada and California today on 20 meters even after dark. So 107 on the solar flux explains that. I like it!
-Mike KD8JHJ

Jspiker said...

Hello Gang,

Yes....and I WAS @ 5 watts this afternoon! I have been working the 14.060 freq, the last few days, so had the power turned down...I don't think there's a BIG difference between 5w and 10w but it's a LOT more satisfaction @ 5 watts.

Yesterday I worked another North Dakota station and one in Kansas. I seem to be in the right place at the right time....

Dick said...

Good going, John. We may make it yet on 14.060. I worked that P.R. station yesterday. 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

I always have hopes of hearing you. Still listening for your signal on 14.060....just a matter of being in the right place at the right time.

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John,

Yes, working with QRP is great fun.
Patience and propagation are the main ingredients.
The contest is an excellent way to make QSO's with very low power. When signals peak to S9+10dB or more, I use 50 mW or even less, using an atennuator.

FB on your 5 watt QSO with F6HKA
Over the years, I made many contest QSO's with Bertran, with a power from 5 Watts down to 50 mW, over 470 miles. hi
He has a station with excellent ears.

The up coming ARRL-DX contest offers an excellent opportunity to work with QRP, with 5 Watts or even lower.
I noticed that some stations are completely confused by my exchange: 599 1, when using 1 watt. hi

Don't worry about solar flux, just use the lowest possible power and have great FUN.

If you are interested in how I use the lowest possible power in each QSO, please visit my web site.

Have great fun with QRP,
73, Bert PA1B