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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Window into Europe


This morning I stumbled onto a nice opening towards Europe on the 17 Meter band. As I'm sure anyone working DX knows, the majority of these contacts are usually "handshakes", but occasionally you meet someone who really goes out of their way to, not only make a contact, but continue with a nice QSO. Such was case from this station in Seevetal, Germany today.

There were a LOT of stations in this mornings "window". I heard DL2SC calling but only copied the DK when I first responded. It took me several attempts to put his numbers and letters together. As most of my readers know, I don't have "filters" in my QRP rig and the "buzz" was deafening as I tried to copy him next to a pile up.

Hartmut (DK2SC) deserves a "special recognition" for leading me on a trail of dot's, for what seemed like forever, as we shifted from one segment of the band to another. We finally landed in the "clear" and continued a "short chat" of about 10 minutes. At the very best, I was no more than 229 and how he managed to hear me during the "chase" to a clear frequency, I will always be amazed! He is an exceptional operator....

I also managed to work some more interesting stations like this one in Lithuania. Jonas (CY5A) was also talkative. We exchanged the basics but soon moved onward.

I thought for sure I was hearing a long sought after contact with my friend Dick (F8WBD) in France but it turned out to be F8GGD, in Cognac. Nice spirits by the way.....

Last, but not least, I made a contact with G3HGE in Suffolk, England. Tom is the proud owner of "TW Radio" and produces a mighty fine looking magnetic key! Tom sent me an e-mail congratulation me on my 3 watt QRP signal. Tom has a great web site, where there are several videos of this great key.

You should take the time to google "TW Radio" as the site is full of information about Tom, his early radio days, and the history of his company. It's a great read....

I'm sure he was using this key in the QSO this morning.


VE9KK said...

John that sure was an eventful time on the radio!! I was on last night for a short time and more or less was just tuning in static. It's nice to run into an op that is more than willing to make a contact and then some.

Jspiker said...

Hello Mike,

I could hardly believe it when he asked me to follow him while he walked around the band in such a noisy environment; and I'm still scratching my head, thinking how difficult this must have been chasing a 3 watt signal at over 4,000 miles. I felt he deserved a round of appaluse.....I was very happy!

Dick said...

Nice example of true amateur radio spirit on the part of the German station.. and you, I might add.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.

73 Dick F8WBD

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Thanks for the compliment!