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Sunday, December 30, 2012

LX1NO Luxembourg

It was difficult to get a good grip on LX1NO in Luxembourg this morning but after a few repetitions (on my part) we completed the "handshake" and moved onward looking for other stations. I worked this station on the 17 meter band.  Luxembourg is one of the most prosperous and developed countries in the world. It has an advanced economy and one of the worlds highest per capita incomes. There's a lot of banks here.....

Unlike most European stations, I've only worked this country one time previously.

Switching over to 30 meters, I worked two nice QRP stations in the US. Bob (KB3ENU) was in Galena Maryland and using a K-1 @ 5W into a dipole. Soon afterwards I worked AK4JA in Newman Georgia. He was using a Yeasu 817 @ 5W into a vertical dipole.

There's light snow on the ground here this morning. I needed to get the dog outside for his morning walk. The temperature was 26 degrees (f), so he wore his winter coat.

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