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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

W0RW Pedestrian Mobile

I was hearing a very weak station on 20 meters this afternoon. I thought it was a familiar call. It turned out to be Paul (W0RW/PM) who was operating QRP/PM  from somewhere near Colorado Springs Colorado. That's a straight line distance of 1250 miles from here. I could barely pull him out of the noise but managed to copy the essentials on the high spots. I had to repeat my name but we made a good contact.

I've worked Paul several times in the past and always get a kick out of his "backpack" mode of operation. He uses a VERY interesting radio (google this one) and also has an interesting astronomy hobby.   

Here's the link:      Las Brisas Observatory with Paul W0RW - YouTube

To me, this is one of the ultimate modes of radio. In essence, a HF radio used while walking around on a hike! I've always admired any type of "portable operator", but especially those using QRP power. I've sent Paul and e-mail, an E-QSL card, and spotted him on the "QRP Spots" reflector. I saw other spots but I seemed to be the farthest distance.

I'm not sure of his "exact" location. Perhaps his card will tell me for sure.

He is also NAQCC Member # 2500.


KL8DX said...

I had the privilege of working Paul a few years ago. He was also /PM and was putting in a very respectable (559) signal into my part of Alaska.

Great job on the QSO! I love operating portable myself and need to do much more! It's surprising with a bit of elevation what you can work (and hear) with QRP or simply portable. A great view with propagation, nothing better in my book!

Jspiker said...

Hello Phil,

I too consider privileged to work a station like this. They're one of my favorites. The other fellow in the video is Steve (WG0AT) whom I've tried to work for years on end; but just can't find him at the right place at the right time. He operates in Colorado also.

I hope the weather is good up there now. I think of flying through a mountain pass on Mt McKinley at this time of year. The altitude was about 12,000 ft. It made my ears hurt when we came down. Hihi

Talk about beautiful scenery...breath taking!!

KL8DX said...

The don't mind the winters up here and we just received about five inches of fresh snow. The -40 & -50 temps can effect the old attitude at times.

I was able to spend a day with Steve and make the hit with the "boys" to the top of Mt. Herman! Steve has inspired me as well with QRP and portable operating! He is a down to earth, simply awesome ham! It was one of the most memorable (and exhausting) days in ham radio I've head in 25 years.

That's the part of Alaska I like the scenery. You're right, breathtaking and I love it as much now as I did over 9 years ago when we first arrived. I hope to catch you in the air myself sometime. Best wishes from a currently, balmy Alaska.

Dick said...

Hi John. Nice contact with the /PM-man. I've seen some bios of him on the net. I have worked goat-man twice but always from his home running 10-watts. Believe he had an IC-703 at the time. 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

One of these days....been trying for years. Hihi Hope you're doing well.