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Sunday, June 26, 2011

DL4KCA Germany

I was busy most of the day with activities here in Charleston, (not ham radio related) but when I returned early this afternoon, and tuned across the bands, I heard (for the second time this week) YU2VZ in Serbia. Without success (again) I was about to pull the plug.

With the field day activities, it's nearly useless for me to compete with hundreds of stations with a five watt signal and an indoor antenna. The Serbian station was VERY weak this afternoon, and I desperately powered up to my maximum 10 watts. Just wasn't meant to be....

When I tuned down a few kc's, this fellow in Germany (DL4KCA) was nearly 599 into the valley. My immediate response was to quickly give it a shot at current power levels, but with my past success with less than 5 watts, I took the extra time to reduce to 4 watts.

Joe (DL4KCA) immediately answered my call....

Not only did he answer, but he said "hello John, nice to hear you again. We worked last April 6th and UR 349 this evening. Are you still QRP?" (the April contact was 539)

I was flabbergasted at this....

I answered yes/ QRP at 4 watts this time. Nice to hear you FB QSL and my antenna indoor Isotron. I must have sent three or four TU's FB TNX  Joe. I remember working you too. GE and TNX agn.

I doesn't get any better than this.

Joe is DX contact #95 and another "1000 MPW" at 4,165 miles. 


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