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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Navy Contact K1USN

I was happy to work this old Destroyer (DD-8) celebrating the "International Museum Ships"  this morning. It jumped out at me when I heard the USN designation. (K1USN)

Here's a picture of the club building. It brings back a lot of memories for me. In the late '60's, I was a signalman on the USS Corry (DD-817). Speaking of that, I've been informed lately, that our ship was fortuitously sprayed with bug killer while we were in the middle of the Saigon River. I'm not going to dwell on that...

The Alabama QSO Party is also active today and I worked several of those stations. So far, I have KM4JA, N4JF and K4AB in the log book. Contesting isn't my thing, but I do like to work "Special Event Stations".

Earlier this morning, on 40 meters, I heard VE2RCN/ Warship  but couldn't work him. Instead, I had a nice talk with another QRP station in Kentucky. (always the most fun for me)

Norm, (K4YKI/ QRP)  had built his own K-1, many years ago, and we talked at length, about his station and antenna.

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Dick said...

I'm sure it was a big thrill to work that tin can John. There is a destroyer escort in the Port of Albany, NY Supposedly the last of it's kind. I don't know if there is a amateur staion on board.