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Friday, June 3, 2011

My New Vibroplex Square Racer

I've been using this new key long enough now to get a "feeling" for it. My decision to buy it was due to two things.

First, was my desire for a quality "magnetic action" key. 
Second, was my desire to have a "collectors item". 

There was nothing "wrong" with my old Iambic paddle, but I was selling off a lot of my old "two meter" gear, and I had a few spare bucks in my pocket.

I've found this key (paddle) to be faster than my former "spring action" paddle. It's increased my comfort level by several words per minute. I think the "magnetic" action begs for speed...

I rarely send faster than 17 wpm, but in a DX pile up, I can comfortably attain speeds in the mid twenties now.

But...all that said, a "paddle" is still "just a paddle". (spring action or magnetic action).

The real reason I bought this paddle is because I wanted a stalwart American made key. The Vibroplex Square Racer fits this category. Here's a picture of the new "trademark label" for this company.

I'm proud to be the new owner of the Vibroplex Square Racer # 113442.

It's a well made "solid" precision key which I hope to use for many many years.


recumbent conspiracy theorist said...

Very nice,

Black, chrome and a touch of gold make the Vibroplex keys a classy addition to the desk. I do like the clean look of your square racer. Enjoy!

I find it truly amazing that you can buy telegraphy equipment from a company that actually predates radiotelegraphy. Your right John a key is a key but it is pretty cool to own a piece from a company with such a rich heritage.

73, Mike

Bert, PA1B said...

Hello John, Nice to hear that you are getting along with your Square Racer.
I started with a homebrew paddle that completed my completely homebrew station at the time. At home I use a Bencher BY-1 Dual Paddle, Chrome Plated on Black Base. But on holiday I use my homebrew paddle cos it's light weigth. It still is great fun to use.
Good luck with the Racer. Your speed will increase just by using. 73, 72, Bert