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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hounds Barking

I wasn't able to make the "Fox Hunt"....Dinner with good friends can last awhile. It was near 11 PM when we finished desert and played a game of Scrabble. Friends and family always come first..... Besides, they'll be lots of other opportunities this winter.

I brought the antenna back indoors (received an interesting comment from the neighbor next door---"that's temporary isn't it?") and re-installed my three Isotrons on the indoor mast.

I must's nice to listen to the bands, from the next room, and run back and QSO when I hear an interesting station.

I can't imagine NOT ever having a radio!

Yesterday morning, I worked K4JER (Jerry in Shelbyville TN) . We've worked before and it was good to hear him. I sent him an e-mail abt his station and he returned mine with a "hello and good to hear you again".

The last few days, the band has been extremely LONG on 40 meters, . I looked at the log books, of the two Fox's, this morning and noticed most of the contacts were at 1,000 miles or better!

My Friend Gari (K8KFJ), in the next town , couldn't even hear the Georgia fox and only one station in West Virginia was able to claim the pelt.

But the Wyoming fox (WC7S) was a different character......Gari bagged him 12 minutes into the hunt!

I worked an interesting station (KB6NU) in Ann Arbor Michigan this morning. Dan is only 300 miles from me in a straight line. Great signal (579) but the band is still wildly fluctuating .

QSB soon reduced the signal to near the noise level.

Dan is a VERY active ham in Michigan and FISTS # 9342. (I work a LOT of stations on 7058 Mhz). He is running for the ARRL Great Lakes Division Vice Director again.

I wish him the best and will track his progress on his web site:

(Dan is the guy on the right)

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