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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Morning QSO

Its cold here in Kanawha Valley today (23 degrees) but in Stover, Missouri -- it's Sunny and warm. (51 F). This morning, I worked KC0JKD (for the third time) in the last few years.

I heard Jim pretty well again (we usually send 559 reports both ways) but the beginning was very weak for both of us....
I had just sent my call on 7058 Mhz when I heard N8? (and he was weak also). I again sent my full call, and this time he returned with TU OM...very weak but lets try. UR RST 229--Name Jim QTH Stover, MO HW CPY?

The rest of the QSO was at the 559 level..... Evidently, we were both in the bottom of a QSB cycle and good signals were present from here on out. I was glad to hear "GM John UR SIG up 559 now. Got info FB on QRP ES doing just fine".

There was a lot of activity just one KC down from us but I copied his old " Tentec Delta" very well (If I'm not mistaken, this one is a CLASSIC "multi-band rig") for the rest of the brief QSO. I love those Tentec rigs! (they never seem to wear out)

We're both FISTS members, and exchanged #'s both ways, for the contact. (Jim is member number 8481 and I am member number 13968)


Last night, I listened for the elusive fox again. The hunt was for a fox in "Georgia" and another in "Colorado". I never heard either of them but DID hear a lot of barking on the 80 meter band.

I assumed the run was after "Georgia" but I was Friend Gari (K8KFJ), in the next town here, caught him in Colorado. Great Job!

It was good to work Jim (KC0JDK) in Missouri again this morning (600 miles from me) but this just shows the importance of good filtering in a rig.
I can get the distance, but a big bunch of hounds pursuing a running fox, calls for a good pair of very narrow ears!

If you're a radio'll understand that statement.

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