My Most Recent QSO's

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brazil PT7ZT

Despite good propagation this evening, I wasn't hearing anything on the CW portion of the band. A quick look on the DX Cluster quickly showed this station in Eusebio, Brazil using the SSB mode. Carlos (PT7ZT) was working many stations in the US but I was hearing very few. I did however, hear him quite plainly when he said those magic words "QRP only--QRP only".

I don't hear this very often, so I was very happy when he returned my call sign on my first attempt. John  in West Virginia your 5x7 into Brazil.

Thank you Carlos for taking the time to listen for the small guys running QRP.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Slow (QRP) Boat Heading Home

I got these two "cards" from the E-QSL site this afternoon. As you can see, this was another 2xQRP contact.  I worked this station back in May, while Oleg (UR5FA/MM) was steaming from South America to the Ukraine. (see previous post)

I felt incredibly lucky to work him "twice" (within two different days)  while in the same approximate area. (Grid square GK 57 and GK 91). The black square is where his Yeasu FT-817 ND @ 5 watts with a long wire stretched among the rigging.

This is a regularly scheduled "trip" which he makes between the Ukraine and South America. I'm sure someone will "spot" him on the DX Clusters when he's within QRP range of North America.(on his next trip)  I was VERY happy to get these cards today. I sent him one of my "custom" cards in return.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Coast to Coast QRP Contact

Now the way to operate QRP !!

This evening I worked KE7LKW in White Salmon Washington. (the state) I'm not sure Stewart was in this exact mode but definitely QRP. He was VERY difficult to copy, but finally got it on the high peaks after several attempts.  2xQRP contacts like this is what it's all about.....
Stewart is NAQCC member # 1975.

Here's a picture of his camping friend:

From a "follow-up" e-mail I sent....Stewart was using a K3, 5 watts, and a dipole! Elevation of a little over 700 feet! A great contact in my book....

YV5HUJ Venezuela

I've been away again, for about a week, so this evening when I scanned the 20 meter band, I was happy to work YV5HUJ in Caracas, Venezuela. Although only a few thousand miles distance, I'm always happy to work another station in South America.

BTW/ this call is a nightmare for CW......really tuff for me to get it right but was finally successful after several attempts. Here's a view of the downtown section of Caracas:

Edwin (YV5HUJ) does a lot of QRP but this evening he was using about 90 watts. He is a member of the North American CW QRP Club (NAQCC) of which I am also a member. Edwin is NAQCC # 4881. On a follow up e-mail, he said that he was hearing me quite clearly with my 5 watts of power.