My Most Recent QSO's

Thursday, July 31, 2014

A QSL Card from Oman

Oman has been one of my most "memorial" contacts; so I was happy to find this card in my electronic mail box last night. I'm sure Chis (A45XR) has made hundreds of contacts into the USA with his "double element" Delta Loop antenna. He has the best 5,000 mile signal I've ever heard from that part of the world. I worked him in February of 2013 with 3 watts of power into my indoor random wire antenna. As usual, with most DX stations, my signal was 599 (if you know what I mean). Surprisingly, his signal really was 599! Go figure....

This month has been terribly busy for me. I've been in Iowa for a 50th Wedding Anniversary, and also to New York where we visited with a new grand daughter. When we were in Iowa, on the bad side, we ended up being way too close to a tornado. On the good side, I bought a Ukulele, due to the inspiration of the relatives, and am quickly learning to play it. (it's great for traveling) Also on the very good side, the grand daughter was beautiful and we enjoyed the visit very much.

There is nothing like New York City in the entire world!

My time is very limited now and my posts are more scarce; but I still have my love of Morse Code and QRP radio. My father, being 94 years old, and still living by himself, demands more of my daily time. Sometimes there's just NOT enough hours in the day. I'll post when I'm able to do so.