My Most Recent QSO's

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Back in the Saddle Again


CT9/UR9IDX2023-09-233cmCWMadeira Island
K1ESE2023-09-2320mCWFN44peUnited StatesJOHN C HUFFMAN
KA0PQW2023-09-2320mCWEN33iuUnited StatesMatthew D Arthur
W1KX2023-09-2320mCWFN44xfUnited StatesWILLIAM C MANN
NA9M2023-09-2320mCWEN53hdUnited StatesPaul D Kinas
AF4OD2023-09-2320mCWEM72gnUnited StatesWilliam B Capps
VE2TH2023-09-2320mCWFN46huCanadaMichel Boissonnault
K5KV2023-09-2220mCWEM01tmUnited StatesBENSON J OWENS
V31XX2023-09-2015mCWEK58ukBelizeBill Kollenbaum

I'm having a blast making CW contacts in a variety of states and countries. Yes, I'm a bit rusty but I'm doing fine considering that I've been off the air around 4 years. I'm still reading my instruction manual of the Icom 703 to relearn the finer points of making DX contacts but I never seem to tire of the process.... 

Several of my contacts are Parks on the air (POTA) which are my favorites. I feel a special excitement working those QRP stations.  

Sunday, August 27, 2023

My Rig Now- Still 100% QRP

                  I've made a change or two and looking forward to soon getting on the air. 

It's been so long that I need to read my instruction manual again and check all my wring. It's important to get everything grounded. Many years ago, a lightening bolt struck my neighbors home and destroyed about 100 ceramic roof tiles and it melted all the wring in the house and destroyed the transmit portion of my Icom 703.  

I've missed using Morse code the last 4 years with my iambic paddle. I know my speed has diminished greatly but it like riding a really never forget. 


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Health Problems

 Since my last posting, I've had Titanium spacers placed in the lower left side of  my back. The surgery was a simple with a quick recovery time, and it relieved my intense agonizing pain.  I had scheduled another surgery on my lower right side, which would have placed a small slender cadaver bone in my right hip but there were other problems which I was unaware of at that time. 

Our home in Charleston has a small yard which I  have always cut with a "push mower" and cutting the grass has always made me feel great, although I was always dripping wet with sweat and very tired afterwards. Alarmingly, I developed a pain down my left arm one hot summer day. I knew what that meant....

I had triple by-pass open heart surgery soon afterwards with a hospital stay of 13 days and an extra 10 days in a rehab unit. I don't remember very much of the hospital other than several PTSD attacks. Apparently, that's not unusual considering the trauma of open heart surgery but I had not anticipated this in my wildest dreams. Needless to say, I should never have visited Vietnam recently because I saw little difference in the South Vietnam of 1968 and 2022. It was depressing to me. 

I had a bout with Covid a few weeks ago but thankfully, it was a mild case. 

I have a pacemaker scheduled to be installed on March 22 now. Hopefully, I should feel more normal afterwards.