My Most Recent QSO's

Saturday, September 23, 2023

Back in the Saddle Again


CT9/UR9IDX2023-09-233cmCWMadeira Island
K1ESE2023-09-2320mCWFN44peUnited StatesJOHN C HUFFMAN
KA0PQW2023-09-2320mCWEN33iuUnited StatesMatthew D Arthur
W1KX2023-09-2320mCWFN44xfUnited StatesWILLIAM C MANN
NA9M2023-09-2320mCWEN53hdUnited StatesPaul D Kinas
AF4OD2023-09-2320mCWEM72gnUnited StatesWilliam B Capps
VE2TH2023-09-2320mCWFN46huCanadaMichel Boissonnault
K5KV2023-09-2220mCWEM01tmUnited StatesBENSON J OWENS
V31XX2023-09-2015mCWEK58ukBelizeBill Kollenbaum

I'm having a blast making CW contacts in a variety of states and countries. Yes, I'm a bit rusty but I'm doing fine considering that I've been off the air around 4 years. I'm still reading my instruction manual of the Icom 703 to relearn the finer points of making DX contacts but I never seem to tire of the process.... 

Several of my contacts are Parks on the air (POTA) which are my favorites. I feel a special excitement working those QRP stations.