My Most Recent QSO's

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

CT1BQH Portugal

Another DX station this evening. Carlos (CT1BQH) was finishing a QSO with another station and I decided to try my luck again. Another congratulations from him about my QRP status as he was running about 90 watts. Carlos was sending much faster than I'm comfortable with, but slowed it down enough for a short conversation. I really appreciated this.....

SM7ZDI Sweden

It was a real joy to work Vic (SM7ZDI) in Sweden this afternoon. We actually took a few minutes to chat. He congratulated my on my indoor Isotron antenna and my 5 watts of power. Vic is running 250 watts into a Windom antenna. (which by the way, is an excellent antenna for DX).

I've desperately tried to work YU2VZ (I've worked him before) He can tell I'm there but can't pull me out of the noise. I'm persistent tho....He's on the same frequency, at the same time, every evening looking for SKCC #'s. I just can't give up on trying again.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricanes and Earthquakes

I feel fortunate that the Kanawha Valley is nearly 350 miles inland from the Eastern Coast. This morning as I watch the news channel, I see the winds and water surge in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Virginia Beach. The hurricane is expected to directly hit New York City.

We have friends and relatives (a lot in the New York area) who are facing a disaster unlike any other in the last three decades. Never, has the transportation system been closed in New York City. They expect major flooding in the low areas of the city.

We actually felt the tremors of an earthquake a few days ago here in the valley. Personally, I wasn't aware of anything, but walking out of the local shopping mall, there were hundreds of people in the street, who as a precaution, were forced outside until buildings could be checked for damage.

Not much happening here on the radio the last week. I've heard DX but my focus is back on the 40 meter band. My pleasure is from working a "good fist", not a long distance contact.

Recently, I worked this "lighthouse" station. (VE3RAM/LT) Unfortunately, they're right in the path of the upcoming hurricane.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

CT9/IZ2DPX Madeira Island

I easily worked this island, due to a contest happening this weekend. The Italian call isn't significant. It's the location that's important to me. This is my first CT9 call and another new DX entity (45) for my log book. This island is known for it's wine....

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

ZF1DJ Cayman Islands

 The last several weeks I've been cruising around Germany on the Danube and Rhine Rivers. It was an interesting trip which brought back memories (of earlier days)  hauling coal on small boats here in West Virginia.

We traveled almost a thousand miles and passed through many sets of locks from Vienna to Amsterdam. Some of them were difficult to traverse, and sometimes, it was difficult to pass another boat on the narrow canals that linked these two rivers.

I've missed the radio the last few weeks so this afternoon, I immediately tuned into the 20 meter QRP frequency where I heard a strong Cayman Islands station (ZF1DJ).

I was able to work him with 5 watts.

It feels good to be back on the air.

My favorite city along the route was Amsterdam. They really know how to enjoy life there!