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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow is Here

When we loose electrical power in the house, there's always a "chirping sound" that's emitted from the "CO2" sensor at the top of the stairs. This morning it happened at about 7:30 as a "power surge" was redirected towards the "state capitol building". I guess living close to the Governors Mansion has a few 'advantages' and I was glad we weren't sitting in the dark for the rest of the day.

I talked to WA1JAS in Maine last night, who was 850 miles from me, and sitting around a wood stove in 4 (f) degree temperatures. He had a great 25 watt signal and it was just beginning to rain when we attended a "Christmas Party" at the neighbors across the street. I didn't like the thought of the snow storm that I knew was heading towards us.

As we turned in last night, the rain was turning into a snowy, wet slush and there were predictions for at least a foot of snow by this morning.

We've been extremely lucky (I think the "State Capitol" building had something to do with it) and have kept the power on all day. But there were almost 19,000 people sitting in the dark this early morning in JUST our county. The "foot" of snow on the ground is an extremely wet and heavy type that smashes shrubbery when it slides off the roofs like giant sheets of ice.
This morning I worked WB2SPP in Toms River, New Jersey and he was experiencing about the same thing. The temperature has been about 32 (f) degrees today but is expected to drop lower tonight. It's going to be just one big sheet of ice in the morning!

I plugged in the charger to my 17 amp hour battery just a few moments ago. (just in case).

The entire West Virginia Turnpike was closed as of noon today.

(the above photo is from Wikipedia and NOT of West Virginia, but I think it's a good example of things to come in the morning)

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