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Monday, May 10, 2010

Special QSL Card to Florida Station

As I've mentioned in earlier posts...while out in the field, I've started sending "special" QSL Cards to those I've worked with my new 30 meter dipole . I've sent a copy of this one to the Pensacola Florida station that I worked from the rental home near Duck North Carolina.

They aren't hard to do and it's a visual memory of the contact for the both of us. This one is created with the "paint program" that comes with the basic Microsoft software.

They can print it or save it to their hard drive.
I prefer to save them on a "memory stick".

The other Florida station didn't have a current e-mail address.


Unknown said...

Really like your personalized QSL idea. If you were in Duck, that must be Currituck Lighthouse. Stayed at a rental property there several yrs. ago with the family and climbed the lighthouse while there.

72/73, Phil K4NE

Jspiker said...

Yes...just down the road a bit from the rental home. It's a family outing and about a dozen of us share the costs. Lot's of fun!