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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Revolving Map Gadget

Sometimes what appears to be progress isn't necessarily so.....This morning, I removed the "Revolving Map" from the blog because I found it slowed down, not only the loading time of my blog, but also my connection to other links. It was a beautiful application (visually) but just wasn't working out.

In a similar maze, the "elections" are over.

If there's anything positive about any of the results, it's that (at least for now) $142 million dollars can't buy a seat in the government, there's not a "witch" on board (this is meant to be funny) and our beloved Robert C Byrd (from West Virginia) wasn't replaced by a rich man who actually lives in Florida.

I'm still scratching my head and wondering "what now".

One candidate (who lost by more than 25 percentage points) brandished a "baseball bat" on stage at his concession speech. I was a little disappointed at least he could have held his breath until he passed out.


Dick said...

Hi John. I agree with your view of recent elections! Now the retired folks in KY who voted for Rand Paul and are collecting SS will find out if he was kidding. Big awakening if he wasn't. I tried that globe thingee and let it go shortly after.

Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi John, I watch the elections and I was surprised about Obama, 2 years ago elected and he was was very popular. After the almost bankrupt of the USA by the Buss administration, now they complain about the economic policy of the Obama administration. Very weird. In the Netherlands we have a right wing politician in the government. Slowly fascism and racism is coming up again. Something like the tea party. I am very concerned about this development in politics. 73 Paul

PE4BAS, Bas said...

Hi John, this map gadget gave me a flash error and not on your site only. Happy you removed it. 73, Bas