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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Azores and South America

It's been a very busy day here, but besides the obstacles, 15 meters opened up, and I was able to work several DX stations. They were mostly in South America, but there were two surprising contacts towards Europe. I worked Spain (EA5/LZ2MAM) and  CU7MD in the Azores Islands.

I also heard (and almost worked) 4X1UN in Tel Aviv. Just not enough power with 10 watts....Sure wish I could orient the indoor dipole towards the east and west. It would have been a fantastic catch!

I worked two stations in Venezuela (YV5MSG and YV2BYT), and also XQ1KY in Santiago Chile. All were just "handshakes" which is mostly the standard with a DX contact.

It was nice to catch the band open for a bit, especially since twenty meters, and below, has been almost non-existent for far too long. Maybe it has something to do with this valley?

I'm still making contacts on good old 40 meters and must admit, I really like a nice long QSO on this band. Shaking hands with DX stations is OK but, at least for me, not as satisfying as a quality CW rag chew.


Dick said...

Hi John. Nice work with some fine QSOs. 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Hope things are going well in NY. Marilyn's been up there nursing her daughter-in-law back from a bad bicycle wreck. Sure will be nice when she returns. I've missed her very much.