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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cold Indoor Radio Days Again

It was another very cold morning when I arose today with the temperature around -17 (C) . It actually dropped down to -20 (C)   last night. I had no desire to get outdoors for anything; so my morning routine was much like yesterday.

My radio contacts this morning were much like yesterday too. The contacts were difficult today but I still managed to work another five DX stations.

Although I've worked 12 stations in Denmark now, OZ1AAR, on 12 meters, was my first "OZ1" Station in that country.

Also like yesterday, I moved along the bands as they drifted, and soon worked KP4ED, in Puerto Rico, on 15 meters. He was searching for SKCC members and we exchanged club numbers. His is # 6589 and mine is #4525.

I found 17 meters open this morning and worked the rest of my stations on this band.

Steve (G3VMW) was in England. He is my 8th G3 station now among 21 contacts into that country. I worked a German station (DL1DGS) who was the 4th "DL1" station of 47 contacts now in that country. Last but not least, I worked the Italian station IK3VUT for the 4th time now. He was the 39th contact I've worked in Italy.

Tomorrow morning our WV Chapter of the NAQCC Club will have breakfast in Charleston at 8:30 am so I will "miss the window" for most DX stations. I'll look forward to working some local radio people.

I made a comment in yesterdays post about being "Back in the Saddle Again" which made me think of a neat QRP station I worked several days ago.
 This  QRP station in the state of Utah (K7JHM) fit's that description perfectly!

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VE9KK said...

Five DX contacts are great for a hard day! The temps up this way were very low as well but I did have to head out to get some running around done.