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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Caught a Fox this Evening on 40 Meters.

Sometimes a "fox" will just "pop" right up in front of you at the most surprising time. That's the way "fox's are....sly creatures and very clever. They hide themselves and trick the hounds into believing they are some where they aren't. Anytime they're on the run, it makes for a good chase.

Such was this evening when I unexpectedly found Dave (N1IX) sending 5 watts from New Hampshire. He was leading the "hunters"  for a wild ride on the 40 meter band. It took several attempts for me to find his "listening frequency"- but when I did, I was rewarded quickly for a job well done.

Dave (the fox this evening) is also NAQCC member #1130. 

I was searching for stations to complete the "groundhog" challenge this evening when I unexpectedly stumbled onto Dave, sending "fox" and "up"- which meant somewhere, and someplace, secretly above the transmitting frequency. A former Navy Submarine Radioman, Dave graduated at the top of his CW class with a sending speed of around 30 wpm. He was doing a fine job.

If you've never chased the "fox", be sure look for him on their web site. "QRP Fox Hunting"  All the directions are there for a very good run!


QRP - When you care to send the very least! said...

Welcome to the Fox hunts, John! The most QRP fun you can have and remain being legal! Hi! I came home from our Technician License class with 40 minutes to go in the hunt. Unfortunately, I arrived to find S7 noise across the entire 40 Meter band, so no joy for W2LJ. But knowing you "nabbed a pelt" makes the sting of being skunked just a bit easier to bear.

Jspiker said...

Hello Larry,

I was thinking of you when I heard this fox because I know you're very active in this group. IS a lot of fun! I just sort'a stepped on his tail, and up he jumped. Hi Hi

Sorry you weren't able to nab him this time but sure you will be successful on many more hunts.

Jspiker said...

From Dave- N1IX- Note 73 hounds!

Hi John,

Welcome to fox hunting. I hope you will join us more often. The rules, schedule and results are posted on our website

Your 703 and indoor Isotron antenna were doing a very nice job. Your signal was strong but for some reason I was having a problem copying your QTH (state). I think you are the first hound that I have worked from WV.

I like the blog. Very nice job!! I hope it gets more people involved chasing the fox.

I worked 73 hounds in 90 minutes. Most of the action was during the first hour.

Dave N1IX

Cq Cq De K1QO said...

Welcome to the Foxhunts John, they are lots of fun!!! Nice blog. Paths photo you posted of Dave was at another QRP event, QRP To The Field. It was taken at Stratham Hill Park.

Hope to hear you again in the hunts it's an active and great group.