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Sunday, March 20, 2016

WV Chapter at the Charleston Hamfest

The Charleston Hamfest was at a new location this year and there was a good turnout for the event. The activities this year were at the Emmanuel Baptist Church. Security concerns no longer allowed the hamfest to be held at the previous Army National Guard building near the airport.

The auditorium at the church is large with lots of room for people to wander around with the hopes of finding or selling radio gear. There was a large kitchen also with plenty of food and drink. I think everyone had a good time. My favorite activity was looking at the older tube gear which was abundant at the gathering.

Dave Higley WV8DH brought along his new rig and the associated stuff for setting up in the field. I posted the new WV Chapter Banner on the wall and displayed a couple dozen DX cards on the table. I had the new NAQCC Club video running on my laptop with the hopes of generating interest in QRP CW. I also brought along an external keyer and my favorite paddles.

It was great to see all the local WV Chapter QRP folks at the Hamfest. Eric AC8LJ was selling some items at the fest. I saw Jeff K9ESE, John W8GDP, Craig AB8DY,  Derek KD8ZEN, Mark KM8G, Bill NK8Y, Joe WA8SIE, Paul WV8PR, Charles KB8BFM and Steve KC4URI. Nathan KD8ZSS was awarded a prize for being the youngest Ham (16) at the event! 

Near the end of the hamfest I was asked to introduce the recipient  of this years Kanawha Valley Amateur Radio Operator of the Year Award to Jim Stephenson WV8JS. I was the winner of that award last year. 

The thing I enjoy most at a hamfest is camaraderie of like minded people in the fraternity of ham radio. I added some folks to our mailing list as a result of this years hamfest. 

I also added two new members to the West Virginia Chapter. We welcome Chuck Moles AB8FI and his son Bill KD8WBI to the group and look forward to hearing more from them when they're on the official membership list. 


Unknown said...

Had a wonderful time and really liked the new location of the Hamfest by a factor of around a thousand. They had a great selection of food and beverages, the chicken sandwich was a wonderful. Great seeing everyone John once again did yeoman's service for the QRP community. For those younger in years "yeoman's service" means great and loyal service.

73/72 KC4URI QRP 99 and 44/100 percent of the time.

Jspiker said...

Hello Steve...had a great time too and all the better to see you again. Being a Navy vet, well understand the yeoman comment. Hope to see you again soon.