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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

W2XYZ QRP Sailboat on 40 Meters

I was able to work W2XYZ (what a nice call sign) on his sailboat in Barnegat Bay New Jersey a few mornings ago. The call signs with "following sequence letters" are hard to collect so when I heard the "XYZ" I jumped right on it. Amazingly, he was hearing me 599 and he was also QRP at 5 watts with a mobile Hustler antenna.

I don't think I've ever worked a "sailboat" before and since he was a QRP station, a FISTS member, a SKCC member, and a NAQCC member, the log book really looks good for ONE contact.

Maybe it's just chance but I seem to make a lot of contacts with stations who are members of multiple clubs on the 7058 frequency.

Hmmmm....might be the reason I hang around there so often.

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