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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Ride

It’s not often I see such a perfect example of my favorite mode of communication. I almost expected to see the NAQCC banner or a big telegraph key beside these big letters. My first thoughts about the paint job on this vehicle was my love of Radio.

But these are actually the call letters of a local television station. (WQCW)
I was riding the bike around town when I discovered it sitting behind their business office.

I assume this vehicle will fast approach it’s useful life and be replaced by another shiny new model in just a few years. Someone with a good eye and artist brush skills could turn this into a great radio car.

You might be able to replace the big guy in the picture, with a picture of yourself and your own Ham radio station.

It would make a dandy of a vehicle for a CW operator!

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Sharda said...

In Suriname some busses are artistically painted with ads. The bus drivers have double advantage, their bus gets painted for free and they receive money for letting their bus painted. But on most busses without ad paintings you’ll notice paintings of famous people like movie stars or someone dear to the busowner;)