My Most Recent QSO's

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EA3GHZ Spain

Another quick one (EA3GHZ)  this evening. Fantastic signal here on the east coast!

Working DX around sunset, has become quite common. I've also heard XE2MW (Mexico) and EA5UM in Spain. I'm getting close to my 100th DX contact now.

This is addictive....I look forward to every evening!

I got into the hobby at the end of the last solar cycle and never dreamed this would be so much fun.


Dick said...

Another nice contact there, John. Tell me, were the DX ops you worked also running QRP? I have rarely worked DX stations who were also at a 5-watt level. A few, but not many. Maybe my Buddistick just doesn't have the "ears". 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Working another QRP DX station is a rare catch but I've also worked a few. Most recently, a guy using a Yagi from France, and another using a "wire" out of an apartment balcony from the Canary Islands.
Of course, there's our friend on the slow moving freighter off the coast of Brazil who was using a windom. Hihi

I think a "gain" antenna is fudging a bit when it comes to 5 watts. Myself, I like the "simple wire antenna" concept.

I'll have to look over my log book closely, to be for sure, but I can definitely count my DX QRP contacts on my toes....

Most of these loud DX contacts are running "several hundred watts" and using "gain" antennas.

I'm glad the "big boys" are out there but sometimes it's not THAT big of a deal to work them....if you know what I mean?

The challenge is "busting the pile up"...when I send / QRP after a nice contact, there's a "quietness" for a moment of two. Hihi