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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Back from the beach and on 20 meters again. Yes, I missed the radio and it's great to be back on the air.

I don't think I will EVER figure out propagation!

This afternoon the solar flux is 94, the A index is 5, and the K index is 1. I'm certainly not an expert on the index's, but it seems completely illogical that I've worked  my BEST "1000 mile per watt" contact now.
(see following entry about this station)

This is a Marine Mobile QRP Station !  

I've sent a follow up e-mail, along with an E-QSL confirmation, to this station operating from (what I thought  was) Odessa in the Ukraine. I hope to find out what antenna he was using since I'm sure of his QRP status. I can't imagine anything but a "wire antenna" operating from a boat. 

A few moments before I worked him, a heard a strong 5 station (here in the US) exchange info and when I checked the DX cluster, I discovered he worked another QRP station (PY4ZO) in Brazil about 15 minutes before me. 

Oleg (UR5FA/MM) was hearing me fairly well but I had a VERY difficult time hearing him. He repeated his call many times until I finally repeated it back correctly. He really deserves "congratulations" on a job well done while waiting for the signal to peak just right.

Yesterday evening, I worked an Italian station (IT9NMJ) but not sure he copied everything correctly. Still a nice try at ONE mile short of another 1000 mpw.

I received a nice e-mail from F6DCD/ QRP (France) who I worked just before leaving for the beach.

He sez:

 Hello John,
> Thanks for this info and the nice qso. Your signal was really solid & nice to copy here with the indoor ant & 4W ! I like qrp and the K2 is a super trx. My ant is not 2 él but 3 él/ 3 bands (FB33 - Fritzel) at 15m high (see photo).
> Wish you all the best + vy 73
> Denis F6DCD 

I also worked the French station F5NBX again....seems anytime he points the antenna towards the east coast, I seem to work him.

Todays contact with the Ukraine station (UR5FA/MM)  makes my 80th DX contact.

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