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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

15 Watt Beacon in Puerto Rico

I'm astounded that I'm not hearing CW stations on 10 meters! It drives me "nuts" when I think of it.

The best signal @ 1600 miles this afternoon?  A little 15 watt transmitter sending NP4LW/B pwr 15w-ant vert--fk68mi--73 on 28.230 MHz. And I was hearing it at the 599 level!

Despite poor conditions again, I worked three different stations in Puerto Rico. I'm sure they were running "power" with good antenna's and good "gain". (KP3ER- WP4GBL-NP3PR)

All were SSB contacts. 

I also worked Rio De Janerio at almost 5,000 miles. This time it was PU1PJR whom I was pleased to see in my "QRZ" online log book. I confirmed it immediately and send electronic cards to a few of the other stations.

I was using the end fed dipole (Zepp) stretched inside the house again. It's a piece of cake to set up and take down.

Why no CW signals on 10 meters?  I just don't get it.....

Not to change the subject, but the "dog" was real happy to see us when we got back from New York City. Here's a clip of the little mongrel.

I think he's ADHD


Dick said...

Hi John. Beacons are very handy, especially when they are low powered with minimal antennas. Gives you an idea how your own minimalist station is getting out. Congrats on the Rio QSO. I will get a 10 meter end fed and do the same as you in a few weeks. 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

Ten meters seems to be good for 1500 miles, even on a bad day.

I heard Guatemala yesterday but couldn't work them. Going South seems to be one of the last options for me. I think I've worked my maximum into Europe.