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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Flying Pigs

As I've mentioned previously, The last several weeks, I've been making a special effort to work QRP stations. I must admit, I've neglected this club in the past; but they're an excellent source of contacts for those of us who specialized in "low power operations". 

Sunday evening, much to my delight, I heard an abundance of activity on the QRP portion of 40 meters. I was totally unaware of the monthly "Run for the Bacon" contest of the "Flying Pigs" club. I immediately recognized the call of K4BAI in Columbus Georgia.  John is a very active QRP operator who is a member of many clubs and always a "top gun" in any QRP contest. He answered my 5 watt call immediately but I inadvertently sent the wrong club number.  Hihi.  I corrected my mistake and he confirmed with a big QSL TU. 

Soon afterwards, I was able to work KD8PJP in Michigan. I had a great signal near the Great Lakes but Scott wasn't participating in the club activity. I confirmed my 5 watt QRP status and moved onward to another station. 

My last contact was AE8M in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

I marked this clubs monthly activity on my "radio calendar" and hope to get those valuable two way QRP contact numbers up into the 500 levels. 

On another vein, I worked fellow blogger W8MDE a few days ago. Mike is an avid bicyclist which is an activity I also engage in at every opportunity. 

I enjoy reading his blog about "riding" in Ohio very much! I keep a link to his site on the right side of this blog. You should take a few minutes to browse through it. He's younger than me....rides 50 miles in the heat without many problems at all. Oh...those were the great days.  Hihi 

Nice to finally work you Mike ! 


Paul Stam PAØK said...

Hi John, I like the new lay out of your blog. Reading is much more pleasant. 73 Paul

Dick said...

Darn it, I forgot about the FP event. And here I am with my FP coffee cup (full of Bic pens). 73 Dick

Jspiker said...

Hello Paul,

I was having some problems with the highlighted text on the old blog. I hope this version will be more pleasing to the eyes. I'm glad you like it.

Jspiker said...

Hello Dick,

I should get one of those fine FP coffee cups myself. One can never have enough club cups or Bic pens to fill them.

I've started using the "google calendar" since it sync's perfectly with all my other computer devices.

I programmed the monthly "Run for the Bacon" into it with the hopes of not missing it again.

BTW/ Tonight is the NAQCC monthly event. I should work plenty of QRP stations on this one.