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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Massive Floods in Europe

My heart turns out to the people in Europe today as I read about the massive floods in Europe.    

Most of the DX stations I work with my QRP station live in these areas, and personally, I remember a lot of the towns I'm reading about on the Danube River. I found it to be one of the most beautiful and interesting places on earth. When I was there, my thoughts were always revolving around the fantastic "bicycle" routes. It was common, to see entire families on their bicycles, enjoying nature in a way that only can be experienced at this slow pace, and demanded, by human powered transportation.

We're experiencing similar events here in the United States with heavy rain and high winds. Sadly, I feel the world is experiencing a deteriorating climate which is about to cause an inland shift of major populations. At times like this, I feel fortunate to live in this sheltered valley in West Virginia. Although I'm only 630 ft above sea level, I feel safe because of a series of locks and dams on this coal mining transportation route.

I worked a couple of stations yesterday in Poland and Denmark. I've worked the Polish station before. (SP9KR), and I've also worked Denmark previously, but this station was a new one. It was nice to see this card in my mail box before I could list him in my log book.

I still get "paper cards" in the mail without a SASE. On all the data bases on the web, I've made it crystal clear that I only respond with the electronic E-QSL format. I enjoy the memories of a nice QSO but find it "silly" to send a card to everyone I talk to on the air. However; "if you absolutely got'a have a paper card", join the E-QSL group. It's free.....and you can have a "paper card" printed and mailed to you for a fraction of the normal postage rates. (hint)

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