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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Another One Hour QSO

It's easy to fall into the "cookie cutter" QSO's (as another blogger characterized it recently), and I have to admit, too many CW QSO's are strictly "OP, QTH, RST, RIG, ANT and WX". There's nothing wrong with that....(especially when you're just simply adding to the log book and working on awards). But it's nice to have a little "chat" (never really liked the term 'rag chew') every now and then.

Sometimes the band necessitates a short exchange. I often say it's like a tree full of squirrels sometimes. (There one minute and gone the next). If you don't exchange the basics (as fast as you can) the band changes and the opportunity is lost.

But then again, it's nice to just sit back and 'chat' for awhile.

I worked W9SJW on what I call "the old 40 meter CW segment" where a lot of the "slower" CW ops can still be found. It was an enjoyable conversation that lasted a little over an hour. We both had excellent signals on each other (579-599) and after the "basics" we talked about radios and antennas.

It's always nice to talk to another "John" he sez. Then we exchanged "Fists numbers" but instead of just sending the rigs, we actually critiqued of each others radios. John is using an old Tentec Corsair II, that he bought when he retired, and was using abt 100 watts into a long wire abt 40 ft up. I'm (of course) using the indoor mounted Isotron and 10 watts and bought my Icom when I retired also.

What a great time retirement is......

I've sent mine to the "shop" once. They had a problem with a "power output transistor" when the radio first hit the market. John's has work flawlessly since he purchased it used. They seem to last forever and we both were surprised Tentec was still in business because they made such a good radio. (I agree). That's a big problem sometimes.....

His brother used an Isotron when he was a snow bird in Texas....

QSB was hardly a problem the entire hour we talked and since he usually hangs around 7112 MHz most nites, I'll probably drop down there again and 'chat' for a bit.

I was enjoyable to get to know another ham instead of another 'cookie cutter' QSO.

John (W9SJW) is fist's nr 10004.

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