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Friday, June 26, 2009

My First Awards

Although I've been liscensed for several years, I never had the "time" to spend on the radio until I got away from working for a living. And I still would like to have a little more "time" to spend on the ham bands..... (my wife, kids, grandkids, and father are always the first priority)

But retirement is a wonderful thing!

The last few years, I've actually started keeping a decent "log book" and was surprised to discover that I had enough 2 X QRP contacts for my first award with the North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) a few weeks ago.

Its a "beginning award" in the QRP field, (50 points) but I've also submitted my station log for the "100 point" endorsement now. My 50 point endorsement is also the only "single band- indoor antenna" confirmation.

As the info states on the NAQCC web site, "anyone can make contacts with (100 watts) and a "beam". (paraphrased) but not everyone can make it happen with 5 watts and a "simple wire antenna". And especially when "both" stations are running QRP....

I'm really proud of this endorsement and am adding more and more contacts everyday now. I'm currently at about 380 contacts. My next hope is shooting for the 1,000 miles per watt award. Just can't make the last 500 miles or so.....

I'm especially proud to be the only West Virginia operator on these lists.

NAQCC Award Winners will need to scroll down the list until you see the 2 x QRP section. There are eleven members in the 50 point section and nine in the 100 point section.

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