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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My 100th 2 x QRP QSO

Last night I worked N9HAL (for the second time in two days) again. He was my 100th 2 x QRP contact. I'm not sure what he's running but the distinctive 'chirp' suggests it's his "6V6 oscillator and three tube regenerative receiver".

I love these contacts, not only because they're QRP, but because he built the rig himself. I always feel humbled whenever I work a "home brew rig".

Bob is a member of the Antique Wireless Association. They specialize in "home brew rigs" and are true "artists". I've seen some of these rigs and they're always beautiful pieces of work.
I've been working on my log book, the last week or so, and have submitted enties to the NAQCC Club. I now have enough contacts for both the 50 and 100 point 2 x QRP endorsements.
I've already submited contacts for the "40 meter single band" and "Indoor Antenna" endorsement. (the vast majority of which are using a "straight key")
With last night's contact, I now have more than enough contacts for the 100 point endorsement.
I think I'll be the first West Virginia station in these catagories!

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