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Saturday, July 4, 2009

FISTS Century Club and 1 x QRP Awards

The last few weeks, I've been spending a lot of time on the log books. Since submitting my first logs to the NAQCC club, it's been very motivational to see my call sign on both the 50 and 100 point QRP pages on the NAQCC club site.

Now, after looking up my contacts for the FISTS club, I've discovered I have enough contacts for two of thier awards. I'm a little confused about the Century Club Award but have about 150 contacts (all QRP on this end of course) and will be sending in the log soon. The Century award is the first of several awards but I don't understand how to let other members know of my "Century" status.
I've never considered myself a big competitor (and still don't) but it's really NICE to achieve these beginning awards with another club now. I'm amazed at how many CW ops are members of both the NAQCC and the FISTS club...

Both of these clubs (and they work very well together) are shinning examples of the fun a QRP operator can have on the bands. They both do a great job of promoting and encouraging the preservation of Morse Code. I'm proud to be a member of both these clubs.


Jspiker said...

FM my good friend in NY...


I am so happy to see you getting recognition for all you do with this organization... and having fun is a wonderful byproduct.

You know, the thought has occured to me as I am reading this... wouldn't this make a wonderful hobby for a man who as been disabled in some fashion?
And this guy could be a veteran.... or he could just be someone from the next county who has multiple Sclerosis, or some such disabling disease.

I have a friend who works at Yale, and her son has MS, and is becoming increasingly disabled..... in a wheelchair, etc....and I look at types like Steve and think how a desk-based occupation is ideal for these guys. Sometimes they have gone beyond paid labor, so it becomes a volunteer/hobby sort of thing. But this stuff sounds like it would be so interesting to a man. Does your organization interact with Veteran's groups?

Happy for you to be the first in West Va to be honored for this... all people should have such productive and happy retirement !!


Jspiker said...

I've had fun with the radio since retirement and yes...there is a Ham Radio group dedicated to helping those with ALL kinds of handicaps.

I worked a station just a few weeks ago from the "Handi-Hams" group. They specialize in this...

My WV "connection" is with then NAQCC group. I'm sure the FISTS group has several from WV. But I'm still looking forward to those new awards.

I've worked nearly 400 stations now and look forward to spending many more hours on the radio.

Thanks for the encouraging words!