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Saturday, July 25, 2009

IOTA Tangier Island K4T (NA-083) and W3P Special Events

I can't help but notice unusual call signs when I listen on the CW bands and those with only 3 letters really seem to "jump out" and yell at me. Such was the case this morning when I heard W4T IOTA sending a very fast CQ on 7030 MHz. Islands on the Air (IOTA) is a special group devoted to broadcasting from islands all over the world and I think...probably the first I've worked, especially with CW.

I like these kinds of "special events" because of my former Navy days on a destroyer. It's just something I identify with and connect with about the ocean. Every now and then, I'm lucky enough to work a ship or two and even a "lighthouse" station. I find it great fun.

This is the second time in the last few weeks I've worked special event stations on the CW portions of the bands. I worked W3P and didn't have a clue who or where it was until I received an E-QSL from a ham specifying a certain day and time. Fortunately, I had him in the log book. (another 3 letter call sign).

This one was celebrating "Heritage Days" and made a great "public relations" pitch for Amateur Radio. I admire these events (right in the middle of a big public celebration) and they always bring a positive image of our hobby.

As per the web site:

In addition to having fun operating the special event station, this event was
also intended to put amateur radio in front of the public. With the stations in
operation at a public event we were able to demonstrate amateur radio to curious
people and even allow them the opportunity to get behind the mic for a hands-on
demonstration. A local commercial radio station, WOKW-FM, was broadcasting live
from the Heritage Days event and PARA member Lou WB3AAI was interviewed on the air about amateur radio. There were also mentions in the local newspaper about
the W3P special event station and the PARA club. As a result of these efforts,
we collected a list of six people who are interested in becoming licensed
amateur radio operators. PARA will be scheduling a licensing class in the near
future to help prepare these people to pass the Technician Class test.

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