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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Czech Republic (OK1KW) at 4,471 Miles

I've been working on the computer most of the day and listening to the rig in the background. I had it tuned to the 40 meter frequency of 7040 and would alternate it with the 20 meter frequency of 14.060 (both active QRP frequencies)

At times, I actually turned it 'off' because there was NOTHING on the bands. I could barely hear the GMT time tone on 10 MHz and thought this was another "no sunspot--no radio day".

In the early afternoon I heard and attempted to work AF5U in Dallas, Texas but the band was so bad we couldn't exchange anything more than call signs before the band disappeared into thin air.
I had turned the rig off again but just before dinner, I tuned into the 14.060 frequency, and in the background, I heard an unusual call asking for "FISTS" members. He was sending pretty quick but I recognized the "FISTS" word easily and on his third attempt I deciphered the OK1KW call and returned with mine. His CQ 'stopped' and I could tell he was hearing something. He then sent QRZ N8? and I knew I was into something.

I still can't believe I worked this guy....with 5 watts @ 4,471 miles. He was actually on 14059.25 MHz.

The band absolutely STINKS right now but somehow we exchanged FISTS numbers, names and QTH's.

Milan (OK1KW) is FISTS # 4827 and lives in the Czech Republic. I sent a confirmation E-QSL and am looking forward to a return card. The band shifted again quickly....I'm still in a state of shock with this contact today.

Just when you think there's nothing but air between me and the other side of the pond.....

Milan (OK1KW) is now my 20th DX contact.

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Paul Stam PAØK said...

Very nice. I heard the guy yesterday on 40 meter. But I work only with a electronic keyer. I hope to catch a fist keyer soon. 73, Paul PC4T