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Friday, August 14, 2009

N0B Special Event Station at 14,100 Feet

If you haven’t seen this year’s VIDEO of the “Colorado 14’er Special Event” by wG0AT and N7UN, you’re missing the BEST of this year’s QRP adventures.

For several years, I’ve followed their hikes but have yet to work them from Colorado. Last week, while in New York, I could only hear “calling” stations.....

It’s difficult to “comprehend” the challenge of a 14,000 ft climb but I’ve hiked a couple of times at 12,000 feet, and believe me, the air is "thin" up there and its always "cold". Pitch in a 40 mph wind, and you’ve got your hands full….

Once in Hawaii, it took me 2 hours to hike to a “cinder cone” below the rim of volcano but 4 hours to hike back out. Going up hill is MUCH harder than going downhill.

Another time was in South America where it took several days to adjust to the elevation.

This 14,100 ft climb to Humboldt Peak should only be attempted by “professional” people. Making a mistake up here can easily become fatal.

Their best contact was Switzerland….WOW with 5 watts!

They’re links to BOTH their web sites on the right side of this blog.

I’d highly suggest every QRP’er take a look at this video.

Here's a link to the HF "Special Event Station"

N0B Colorado 14er Special Event

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