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Thursday, January 14, 2010

2 X QRP Contact @ 2,127 Miles

This evening I worked my second QRP station on the West Coast. It was my "first" for this year (at this distance) and to make matters even better, it was another "QRP" station using another Icom 703 at 5 watts. George (KD6SX) lives in Oroville, California. I've worked only ONE other QRP station at better than 2,000 miles so........ I was elated at making this contact.

This week, I've been working a LOT of QRP stations in the New York area. The solar flux has finally reached the "90" level and I've been trying to listen in the morning hours before eating breakfast to make a few contacts. This week I've worked TWO of the "Straight Key Century Club" special event stations.

George (KD6SX) is also a SKCC member, as well as a FISTS member and a NAQCC member.
I love working these "multiple club stations". It's nice to see those certificates hanging on the wall in the computer room.

Speaking of computers, my old computer "crashed" last week. It's been stressful transferring my "log books" and "data" into a new one. My former ran on Windows XP and this one is using Windows 7. It's a LOT quicker but there's always a learning curve with a new system. I think it's going to work out just fine.

Working this new QRP station in Northern California relieves a little of the stress.


Larry W2LJ said...


Congrats on the QSO and Happy New Year! It's always good to start off a new radio year on a positive note.

73 de Larry W2LJ

Paul Stam PAØK said...

hello John, Congrats with your 2 x QRP contact which are most satisfying. It's nice to see that the Solar Flux is increasing. I looking forward to work on 10 and 6 meters this summer. 73 Paul

Adam said...

Hallo John,

Many congratulations indeed. I have only recently discovered how satisfying 2-way QRP is when Paul and I have been chatting on 40M in the local mornings. Great fun! I have a feeling the solar cycle might not be as high as the 2001 peak, but it is indeed nice to see solar flux up high and helping us QRPers get to places we rarely go!! 73 Adam

Jspiker said...

Hi Gang,

To boldly go where no one has gone before...sounds like star trek stuff. Hihi 2 x QRP contacts are special. This morning, I seem to have a pipeline into the Great Lakes area again. Quickly worked two this morning near Chicago and Detroit.

Let's hope the sun continues to shine towards us. Sure wish I could hear you guys on 40 meters but still not likely.

On an encouraging note....whenever I work SSB with 10 watts, MOST have no idea of my power. It's FUN to bust a pile up and then mention QRP to the other station.

You'd be surprised to find how easy it is with the speech compressor and mike gain turned up a bit. Tune a little "off center" and they will hear you every time.

Unknown said...

QRP=Cool stuff. Congrats on the K3Y QSO's.