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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another 30 Meter Field Day

Another wonderful day in the woods at the city park near my home. The band wasn't "up" but I listened to a station in Lumberton, Texas and another in "The Village" in central Florida.

Near the same 30 meter frequency, I heard AA5KV in Shreveport Louisiana and decided to see if my 5 watt QRP signal would reach him at about 800 miles. (my RST 449)

We had a delightful talk about his TenTec Argosy and his QRP excursions in the summertime with his K1. Sunny and pleasant at both locations. Both of us retired and enjoying the nice day.

It's always worth the effort to string up the antenna, orient it east and west, and spend a little time using the "dot's and dashes". My neighbor was interested in the radio, so was along as an interested party. Perhaps one day he will get the bug and work on a license.

I absolutely love the 30 meter band. Made up this card after returning home and will send it to my Louisiana friend via e-mail as a memory of the QSO.

I'll be at the Outer Banks of North Carolina next week and will be taking along the radio. With a little luck, I'll make some contacts from one of the "lighthouses" . No activation.......just fun with the QRP rig.

I'll be taking some pictures and will be making up some new cards for the contacts.


KL8DX said...

Good weather and propagation, can't beat it! I'm looking forward to summer here as well, for the very same reason. Phil - KL8DX

Jspiker said...

Hi Phil,

Always wanted to see the Northern lights when up there but nothing on our last visit.

It "dimmed down" a little about 1 am and "brightened up" about 3 am. Maybe next time.

Had an interesting "moose" encounter at Danali. WOW....they are BIG!