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Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Going to Live After All

After the "dog bite" Saturday afternoon, I made a doctor appointment this morning. There wasn't an infection at the bite site, but my calve muscle was still bruised, and was very sore this morning. I called the doctor at 9:00 am and got an appointment at 2:30pm. I arrived at 2:15 and saw a nurse. I saw the doctor at 3pm and was out of the office by 3:30.

My wife, and several of my friends and family members were worried about "rabies" and I thought it would be good to set their minds at ease. (and leave me alone) My sister is a professional sanitarian and has dealt with this on the job. I was beginning to feel like a squirrel on the first day of hunting season.

I got the "all clear" signal from the doctor today.

My temperature was actually a little below normal. (a very good sign) with little irritation in the bite area. Of course, the muscle is still bruised, but considering the size of the dog, it's to be expected. It's going to be sore for a few more days.

The Doc suggested keeping in touch with the owners for another week. She also suggested (if this ever happens again) to demand the Veterinarians name, address, and phone number and to personally contact the Vet to verify the information. (in other words, don't take anyones word for it) We reviewed my inoculation history going back the last several years and after looking at those, she agreed it would be difficult for me to catch the common cold in the next few years. My tetanus shot was still current so no booster necessary.

Have a nice day and pay the receptionist before you leave the building.

No...I'm only kidding about that.

Actually, I use the Veterans Administration for my health care (the government run socialized medicine program). And while I have the podium, let me put in a good word for them. I use the VA clinic, not because it's the cheapest (which it is by far) but because it's the BEST medical care in this valley.

It's VERY well managed.

If I had gone to a "private doctor"...

#1. I would have been in the waiting room (for at least an hour) filling out an insurance form.
#2. I would have then seen a (pretend to be a nurse) who would have taken another 15 minutes taking a detailed medical history.
#3. I would then be taken back to the waiting room and forced to watch "FOX" news on the giant large screen TV.
#4. I'd get to see the doctor (if I was lucky) in another hour.
#5. I'd see the doctor and he would have given me a tetanus shot, an antibiotic shot, and scheduled me for an x-ray. (to keep from being sued in court)

Then the receptionist would demand about $150 bucks for services rendered. the way, I'd get another bill for the x-ray, and another bill from the person that "read" the X-ray.

I'd be really lucky to get in and out of a "private office" in under two hours.

I won't "spell it out" but you should get where I'm coming from with this entry. I don't have a problem with "socialized medicine".

Getting back to the dogs, I didn't want to appear overly confident, but they were well groomed, sheltered, and obviously healthy . The owners were genuinely concerned about me, cleansed the wound, and offered bandages etc. That's a pretty good sign they're honest and good folks.

I guess today was just a "safety check".


Ed N4EMG said...

So no one needs to notify your next of kin just yet? Good! Just read your canine encounter a few minutes ago. Goodness, you need to put a gun rack on your bicycle!

I guess I'm a little encouraged about the folks who owned the dog and actually gave some assistance to you. Around these parts, most would blame you for riding too close to their dog or sue you for antagonizing it and causing it mental trauma. Goes to show you that there are some decent people left, huh?

Be careful out there!

73 Ed

Jspiker said...

Hello Ed,

Yes...they're many good people in the world. Most people have much more in common than they do differences. As I said earlier, I'm more embarrassed than anything else.

I seem to have lost my "edge" when it comes to rides in the country and dealing with dogs. I've kicked a few, sprayed a few, and out ran a few. I just didn't see this one coming. duh....

Never had to shoot one yet.

You can be sure I'll carry the "pepper spray" with me when I ride out of the city limits again. And it will be where I can quickly get my hands on it.

Thanks for your concern and I'll be a lot more careful from now on.